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Trifix™ Acne Clearing Lotion
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San Francsico , California

Ok, this stuff is ridiculous. Why hasn''t someone come up with this before! I''ve had cystic acne for 15 years and have tried EVERYTHING. Proactiv, Dermalogica, Origins, Murad and many others I don''t even remember. Several years ago, I began using All Over Blemish Solution, which helped a lot. Then I got Oil Free Moisture, which I love because I could never find a good moisturizer that didn''t break me out, and it makes my skin feel and look amazing. Then I started Alpha Beta Face Peel, which was really good for preventing breakouts and, again, my skin never looked better. My skin was in the best shape it had been in in years. Even so, I still had the occasional deep, painful cyst or clogged pore that just keeps getting worse till you extract it. Enter Trifix. I have been using this product since it came out and have not broken out once!!! This is seriously a new record for me. Unbelievable. I did have to stop using Alpha Beta Face Peel because I got pretty dry. The dryness persisted till I cut the Trifix back to once a day. So now I''m doing Trifix at night and All Over Blemish Solution in the morning, both under Oil Free Moisture. I also use All In One Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in the AM and it doesn''t break me out like most sunscreens and face makeups. Thank you Dr. Gross for your great products! I am a life long customer.

San Francisco , California

This is an update to my previous review: This product has officially cured the cystic acne I have suffered from for 15+ years. I work in the beauty industry, and have tried pretty much every acne fighting product on the market, none of which have provided more than slight and temporary relief. I began using Trifix when it came out and have now gone FIVE MONTHS without a single cyst, whitehead or clogged pore. It is no exaggeration to say this product has completely changed my life. This is the skin I was always meant to have. Thank you Dr. Gross!!!

Salt Lake City , Utah

The Trifix Acne Clearing Lotion dried up my pimples quickly, and all I had to do was put it on once in the morning and once at night. I''m proud to say that I no longer have any acne on my face. It was a great investment, I''m really glad I purchased it. Thank you Dennis Gross Skincare!

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