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Hydra-Pure® Intense Moisture Cream 
Cruelty Free Cosmetics Vegan Cosmetics Paraben-Free Skincare
AS SEEN IN Real Simple May 2007

What Is It? A powerful anti-aging and deeply moisturizing treatment that reduces and guards against signs of aging, while detoxifying skin with potent Chelating ComplexTM.

What Does It Do?
Revive luminosity with NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross’ exclusive Hydra-Pure Chelating ComplexTM that removes damage-causing heavy metals coming from water and the environment to detoxify skin, prevent accelerated aging, and reduce redness and irritation. Infused with antioxidants featuring vitamin C, humectants, and essential oils, this nutrient-rich formula provides long-lasting hydration to replenish depleted moisture levels. This rich cream leaves skin feeling softer and more supple, while improving skin’s texture for a smoother, firmer appearance.

How Do I Use It?
Smooth over clean, dry skin in morning and night.

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Size: 1.7 oz / 50 ml.
Price: $125.00
Steamer Solutions 

Achieve the ultimate DIY clinical facial at home with this professional device, a favorite of estheticians and dermatologists alike.

What Is It? A professional-quality at-home facial device that delivers a constant flow of steam to cleanse pores and hydrate skin.

What Does It Do? Rejuvenate skin with a steamer just like the steamers used at high-end spas, to deliver a fine mist of warm moisture for hydrated skin and tighter-looking pores. Designed to deliver a constant flow of steam for up to 20 minutes, this professional-quality machine provides immediate results as well as long-term solutions when combined with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare products. A weekly session with this luxurious spa treatment not only infuses hydration, but also helps clear skin, enhances skincare product effectiveness, and leaves skin soft and supple. Plus, this indulgence offers a relaxing experience normally reserved for a spa visit.

Note: this product can only be used in the USA
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Size: Compliant .
Price: $139.00
Hydra-Pure® Oil-Free Moisture Super Size 
Cruelty Free Cosmetics Vegan Cosmetics Paraben-Free Skincare

ONLY $218 a $312 Value!

What Is It? An oil-free daily moisturizer that detoxifies and helps prevent the signs of aging and clogged pores on the face and neck.

What Does It Do? Reclaim smoothness with this lightweight and fast absorbing oil-free moisturizer that provides hydration, anti-aging benefits, and helps prevent irritation and blemishes. NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross developed this cutting-edge moisturizer with the unique Hydra-Pure Chelating ComplexTM to remove the heavy metals found in water that can react with sebum on your skin to cause irritation and breakouts. Potent active ingredients featuring vitamin C, also stimulate collagen production, firm the skin, and defend against sun damage for an anti-aging moisturizer that’s suitable for all skin types. This soothing lotion leaves skin feeling softer and more supple, while improving skin’s texture for a smoother, clearer, firmer appearance.

How Do I Use It?
Smooth over clean, dry skin in the morning and night.

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Size: 4 oz.
Price: $218.00
Firm & Brighten Serum Duo 
Cruelty Free Cosmetics Vegan Cosmetics

ONLY $142.50 a $190 Value!

Featured Value Limited Edition Set

Wrinkles don't stand a chance with this powerful anti-aging serum duo.

Hydra-Pure® Firming Serum is the ultimate anti-aging, re-surfacing treatment. Containing 20 collagen-building ingredients, it dramatically reduces signs of aging and acne scars, slows cell damage and improves clarity. The multi-tasking formula works to visibly improve skin texture and tone for smoother, firmer skin.

Hydra-Pure® Vitamin C Brightening Serum combines three forms of Vitamin C with powerful peptides to provide maximum brightening and anti-aging benefits. This nighttime, high-performance serum delivers Vitamin C to each layer of the skin, fighting sun damage, increasing luminosity and building collagen for a visibly firmer, more youthful appearance.

This Value Set may not be combined with other promotions.

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Size: 1.0 oz & .1.0 oz.
Price: $142.50
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