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Glossary of Terms and Key Skin Care Ingredients




ScienceCaffeine.  An active, natural ingredient found in coffee, tea, cacao and kola nuts that constricts blood vessels in the skin and reduces water leakage.  Alleviates puffiness and under-eye darkness.

ScienceNatureCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride.  Plant-derived emollients that help bind water in the skin to prevent water loss.

NatureCamellia Sinensis (Green Tea Extract & White Tea Extract). A natural antioxidant in the tannin family, rich in chemicals known as polyphenols, which have potent antioxidant properties.  A potent antioxidant shown to neutralize free radicals generated from inflammation, but may also have benefit against DNA mutations that are associated with cancers (of the skin).  May also reverse sun damage. 

NatureCentella Asiatica/Gotu Kola.  Derived from the Gotu Kola plant, Centella Asiatica promotes collagen production and is known for its potent wound-healing properties.  It is also a known anti-bacterial agent.

ScienceCeramide. A lipid found in the skin that is necessary for normal skin function.

NatureChamomilla Recutita Matricaria (Chamomile Oil/Extract).  An extract from the flowers and finely dissected leaves of Anthemis nobilis.  Reduces inflammation and soothes sensitive skin. 

ScienceNatureChelator. Chemical compounds that neutralize metals such as iron, copper, lead and zinc, ­which absorb into the skin after washing with tap water or are excreted from the skin during perspiration. The Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex™, a proprietary blend of detoxifying chelators removes these impurities, reducing environmental effects leading to aging skin, acne, redness and irritation.   

NatureChrysin.  A powerful antioxidant, a flavinoid, also derived from plant compounds. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling and puffiness.

ScienceNatureCitric Acid.  A naturally-occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from the fermented sugars of citrus fruits.  Helps speed up cell turnover/cell renewal.

Cocoa Seed Butter. See Theorbroma Cacao.

Coenzyme Q-10.  See Ubiquinone. 

Collagen.  The protein in skin that gives it firmness, structure, keeps it taut and resilient.  With age, collagen is not only produced more slowly and degenerates more quickly, but also diminishes because of sun damage, pollution, free radical damage and genetics.  Depletion of collagen is the main cause of wrinkles.  Fortunately, ingredients that build collagen by either promoting its production or preventing its breakdown can be both consumed in foods and applied topically via skincare products.

ScienceNatureColloidal Sulfur. Reduces oil-gland activity and dissolves the skin’s surface layer of dry, dead cells. This ingredient is commonly used in acne soaps and lotions, and is a major component in many acne preparations. It can cause allergic reactions in some sensitive people.

Comfrey Extract. See Symphytum Officinale.

ScienceCopper PCA.  Powerful humectant that brings moisture from the atmosphere into skin.

Cucumber Extract. See Cucumis Sativus.   

NatureCucumis Sativus (Cucumber Extract). It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Works as a mild astringent, yet is gently cooling and soothing and can help reduce puffiness of the skin.

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