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Corporate Office
Dr. Dennis Gross
Founder & Formulator

Good science is the gold standard for high performance skincare products, and we will always hold ourselves to that standard. It is not too late to alter the natural aging process or change your complexion for the better. Start using the right products today and be consistent with your regimen. You will see and feel a noticeable improvement.
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Carrie Gross
Chief Executive Officer

Breakthrough thinking defines the culture of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™. I love working with people who set their expectations sky high and then creatively seek a way to execute their vision. Our targets are met by approaching challenges from a perspective of do it right the first time. We seek quality and excellence in everything we do. This type of thinking has transformed Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ from good to great and creates a dynamic working environment.
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Tony Daddio
Vice President, Controller

What I love most about Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ is the people and the work atmosphere created by those people. Each and every employee contributes to the success of the organization, ideas flow freely, energy and enthusiasm is everywhere.

Jennifer Hargrove
Vice President, Product Development/ HR

The passion behind Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ is what brought me to this company and what I like most about working here. It is the passion of fulfilling a niche need and working in the development of exceptional products. It is the passion of everyone who works here bringing together all of their efforts to move Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ to the next level whilst maintaining the integrity of what we’ve been since our inception. We have an amazing team of intelligent people with a wealth of experience. Work is my time away from my children so I have to love it and feel apart of something important and meaningful – and I do.

Kendra Kolb Butler
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

I like this company so much because every person is treated as an individual and new ideas are valued and encouraged - there is plenty of room for creative freedom and expression! Everybody’s contribution matters and you really can make a difference.

Taber Calderon
Art Director

It is a pleasure working at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™. The people are energetic and are devoted to creating a brand that supersedes standards and that is striking and memorable. I am fortunate to be part of that force.

Harlee Schulberg
Director, Operations

Being a part of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ is refreshing. It is rewarding to know that we provide consumers with cutting edge formulas that really work...and my co workers are fun to work with!

Jessica Abrams
Senior Manager, Packaging, Quality and Regulatory

It began as an obsession with the outstanding products, and upon joining the team it has evolved into a personal connection to the brand. Each exceptional formula embodies the personal touches of Heart, Passion and Enthusiasm that each individual at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ exemplifies [which is unparalleled to any product I have ever tried as well as any company I have been a part of]. Every day I am surrounded by the warmth and incredible intelligence that each member of the company possesses, which inspires me to be the best that I can be. It is a privilege to walk out the door each night, thriving on the new things I learned that day, eagerly anticipating the next venture that tomorrow will bring!

Vitaliy Simonian
Financial Planner

Working with a team like the one we have at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities I could have ever asked for. The collective effervescence created by such a group of people is a rare find in a work environment.

Samantha Hon
Financial Analyst

What I enjoy most about working at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ is having the opportunity to collaborate with our team of dedicated and passionate professionals on a daily basis. Each person’s share of ideas and contributions play a key factor in our ability to deliver compelling products and excellent service.

Kaela Knoll
Planning & Purchasing Assistant

Toni Lind
National Director of Sales

It is an incredible honor to be working with the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ team. The passion and dedication of the people in this organization is both energizing and contagious! As for the products, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ offers something many brands do not – true clinic to counter treatments that deliver results! My skin has never been happier.

Audrey Milliken
Education & Corporate Events

I am pleased to be working for such an honest company with the highest integrity originating from its clinical foundation. Dr. Dennis Gross is incredibly passionate about the health & beauty of the skin. I’m proud to be a member of his Corporate & Education team with the pleasure of delivering that passionate message to clients across the country daily.

Jelena Markovic
Account Coordinator
Florida & Texas

I always wondered how it would feel to have a truly beautiful skin without makeup…. Now I know. The product is unbelievable and unlike anything else on the market today. Results are immediate and the skin is grateful and so are our clients! Dr. Dennis Gross is my new family which I am truly proud to be a part of!

Michelle Wilson
Account Executive

Dr. Dennis Gross offers groundbreaking technologies combined with beautiful treatments/products. My own enthusiasm for Dr. Gross skincare is undeniably transparent. It gives us all what we are seeking, RESULTS . Its my pleasure to share with extreme confidence to clients and consumers, products that give immediate and sustained success for the beauty and health of their skin.

Enrique Ortega
Account Coordinator

Being a part of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ team is a pleasure. Everyone in this company has passion and enthusiasm for skincare. The results using Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare are amazing- leaving you with beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. I am so proud to be able to represent a company with so much innovation and integrity.

John Krites
Regional Sales Manager, West Coast & South

The appearance of your skin can greatly impact how you feel about yourself. It holds incredible power over our confidence, whether we want to admit it or not. Dr. Dennis Gross skincare has changed my life because it has changed my skin which in turn has boosted my self confidence. Because of DDG I feel I am always putting my best me out there. I thought I knew what good skincare was, but it wasn't until I started using these revolutionary products that I truly understood the importance of not just the products I used, but how to use them. DDG offers incredible dermatological products, while providing great advice on how to use them to achieve my desired results. Words can not express my thanks.

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